The “No Scale July” Challenge


Okay, I’ve been playing around with this idea for a couple of weeks now. But, one thing you should know about me is that I hate scales. Coming from someone that has lost 180lbs. this might surprise you. But, then maybe it doesn’t?

Let me explain to you why …

While I was losing weight, I got addicted to scale. I didn’t just weight myself every morning. I weighed myself before and after I would work out, have a bowel movement, run or whenever I felt I “lost” weight. Heck, I would even weigh myself after meals to see how much I weighed.

I was chained to that scale.

There is a part about losing a massive amount of weight that makes you a bit obsessive. And, I think in some regards that’s good. But, there’s a difference between healthy obsession and just obsession! And, my relationship with the scale turned into an obsession!

The breaking point for me was when I started training for my first marathon. I could no longer weigh myself before and after each run and then not eat the rest of the night because I didn’t want to gain the weight back (silly logic, right?).

Which training for a marathon … or any race for that matter … really stupid. You need to not just fuel yourself, but refuel as well. I had to break that so I went to a once a week weigh-in. And, ever since every Friday morning I weigh myself.

My obsession has been better, but it’s still there sometimes. I tend to always do a last chance workout on Thursday to make sure my weight will be low and I worry about carbs and food that really shouldn’t be worried about. The chain is still very much connected to the scale.

And, I hate it.

I just need to breakup with that d— scale.

So, I am giving myself a challenge for July. I am not stepping on the scale. At all. In fact, I am going to be removing the batteries to my scale to further not tempt me to weigh myself. But, this doesn’t mean I am going to just eat whatever I want (I wish … hello burritos, ice cream and sticks of butter!). I actually want to start listening more to my body more.

I believe that the body can and will tell you what you need. I believe it will let you know when you need more carbohydrates, more protein or more fat (and if that fails your jeans will gladly tell you). Especially as you workout, run or do whatever that keeps you physically active. Your body will know what it needs and I want to establish that connection … or strengthen it.

Now in trying to quantify this challenge into something tangible instead of a theory I’ve come up with five goals for the month. Of course the first one is to not step on the scale (like, seriously, duh?). But, here are the goals …

  1. Do not step on a scale during the whole month.
  2. Workout a minimum of 4 times a week. 
  3. Eat before and after each workout.
    1. Simple foods before a workout (ie-banana, fruit, etc.)
    2. Protein/Zeal Wellness drink post-workout. 
  4. Drink a minimum of 96oz. of water daily.
  5. Eat one FREE (or cheat or whatever you call it) meal per week.
    1. This includes a meal and dessert and they can be split up during the week.

I think these are good goals, not just for myself, but for anyone that wants to step off the scale. The scale is addicting. Dieting is addicting. And, any addiction is not healthy. Especially when you deprive your body of what it’s telling you what it needs because you want to hit a certain number on the scale.

Now, if there is interest enough I might make this into a challenge. I think we could make this into a point system challenge. If there’s enough interest I’ll start something before next Month. Just let me know if you’re interested in the comments below.



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