The run that I needed

IMG_0959Yesterday I kinda bemoaned my lack of motivation to run as of late. It’s not a crisis. Just more like a small case of post marathon blues. But, havingΒ another marathon in two weeks doesn’t leave you many nights to lay on the couch curled up in a Snuggie eating ice cream straight from the carton while watching Nick at Nite reruns. You gotta keep on going, right?

I take too many of these kind of pictures, but how can you not love them? Also, I need to shave.

So, that’s what I kinda told myself yesterday. I just had to keep going. But, at the same time I mentally had to tell myself that I “WANTED” to go for a run rather than I “NEEDED” to run. Running should always be fun in my books. If you’re not having fun, go buy a bike (I think this is the runner’s way of telling other runners who complain a lot to “get lost” …?!?).

And, sometimes it comes in waves. At least it does with me and I am totally fine with that. That’s life. But, it’s kinda inconvenient when you have a marathon in two weeks. I guess that’s the underlining angst I have been feeling as of late? I mean, marathons doesn’t run themselves.

In Utah we call these KILLER SUNSETS.

So, last night I took the time to run. It was totally a NEED TO RUN, but I kept lying to myself by saying I WANTED TO RUNΒ to make me believe otherwise. Did it help? Well, I got outside and ran … so … I guess so? But, I really need to stop lying to myself sometimes. It’s probably not healthy?

The run was pretty uneventful. It was my routine five mile run around my neighborhood. A good portion of my run goes along a beautiful stretch of Davis Blvd. in Bountiful. You have on the East the mountains and temple and to the West the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island. And, usually I do this run in the evening so I get a KILLER sunset to boot. I’m not complaining. Just bragging. Running in Utah really does have it perks.

In Utah we call these KILLER DEER!

At the turn around point I stopped for a little bit. Mainly out of fear because I ran right into the middle of a herd of deer (okay, I really wasn’t in the middle of a herd, it was more like three deer, but I swear one of them gave me the evil eye!). I also changed up my music to my U2 playlist and ran home. I stopped a couple times to take pictures of the sunset (and of course some selfies), but for the most part I just focused on the JOY of running. I didn’t focus too much on my pace (even though I was around my marathon pace) … I just ran.

Working on my cover for my ’80s cover album. Yes? No? Maybe?

Not only that, but I jammed out to U2 as well. I was in heaven. If anyone REALLY knows me, knows that U2 is basically a religious experience for me. Running my last 2.5 miles listening to them really helped me LOVE the run. It helped me wash aside the anxieties, fears and doubts I have had of late. It was liberating. It was great. It was refreshing. It was renewing.

It was just what I needed.



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