The Runcast™ Playlist: Motivation

This is a series of bi-weekly playlists I am going to share consisting of themed running music. I am starting first off with a “Motivational” running playlist, but I’ll be sharing playlists consisting of pop, rock, 80’s, oldies (I refuse to classify the 80’s as oldies) and whatever tickles my fancy. It should be fun.

Some of these playlists will also be a part of future episodes of The Runcast. Some of these songs could be a part of future episodes. But, the point of these playlists and podcast episodes are to give YOU the runner something to download and run with during your short or long runs.

I am using Spotify to share these playlists, because it’s one of the most popular music apps and programs. Plus, I subscribe to it which makes it easier. But, I have to admit that I love the app because if you are a subscriber you can download a playlist to use while offline — ideal for long runs.

Anyways — I hope you enjoy this first playlist of motivational running songs … some of my favorites!

What are some of your favorite motivational running songs? What would you include on this list? What would you take off of this list?