The Wednesday Roundup …

154699_1432880792886_350815_nAs I have mentioned some here on my blog and on social media, this past month or so has been somewhat difficult. A couple of weeks ago my Mom and I took my Grandma into the ER after she showed symptoms for the flu. We were there for a couple of hours and then released.

This past week she went back into the ER with some of the same issues which resulted her in being hospitalized for pneumonia. A scary diagnosis for an 88-year old lady who hasn’t been sick or hospitalized in over 40 years.

I won’t share much of her prognosis. But, she is doing well, she is recovering and has made the transition to an assisted living facility. If she continues on this path she can hopefully come home soon.

It’s moment like these that you realize clearer how fragile life is. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, just today. In addition to that it’s really made me focus on the relationship that I have with my Grandma. We have a very special relationship, she is constantly encouraging me to write, not just words, but from my heart.

Though tomorrow is not a guarantee for any of us, those memories and love are eternal. That I am grateful for more than anything. Because I know that after death there are no more tomorrows, just eternity.

And, I’ll end there with that sappy ending.

But, thank you for all of your prayers for my Grandma and my mother. My mother has been a saint and has spent nearly every night by her side. My sister has come and spelled her a few times too. Needless to say, my Grandma is being taken care of quite well and with lots of LOVE!


I like the ideastretchy pants of periodically checking in with my running updates and achievements. Or even thoughts here and there, more than anything it just helps keep me on track. So that’s a good thing right?

My focus this week has been to run at home and exercise at the gym. In the past I found that I have a tendency to go to the gym to workout, but then just ultimately climb on the treadmill for a run. As much as I love running, I need to start focusing on the body as a whole.

And, this means a whole body workout along with the running. That’s why I have separated the two exercises. It helps having a treadmill at home to make this possible. I just feel that mentally I need the separation of the two right now.

I have also been adding a lot more steps and hill training into my regime. This is partly because of the need to get stronger, but it’s also been a fun challenge to do with Jill. She’ll do 30-35 minutes of steps and then challenge me to do the same thing.

And, for as boring as doing steps sounds, it’s really not that bad. I have a footstool that I plop down in front of the TV and then crank out my steps while watching either a Jazz game or more than likely the Food Network. I hate watching TV as it is, so this really helps me feel less anxious about wasting time.

But, so far, so good. I am running three miles tonight along with a half hour of steps and then tomorrow I am doing weights and playing basketball (yeah church ball!). But … then … on Saturday we’re doing a 10 mile out and back run UP and then DOWN Emigration Canyon here in Salt Lake.

That I am looking forward to A LOT! It’s both a mental and physical run that I need.

But, with all this hill training and steps workout there’s been a lot of talk between Jill and I about running the Buffalo 25K on Antelope Island on March 21st. We are very close to committing, but haven’t pulled the trigger … yet.

Stay tuned for that one. Saturday’s run could change all of that or commit us to the idea.




So file this in the sad category. I had to give my kittens up for adoption. Well, they didn’t go far, my sister’s nieces took them.


Welp, I found out after being a cat owner that I am EXTREMELY allergic to cats. Like, more allergic than one should be AFTER taking allergy medication. I would hold and play with the kittens and then get hives on my arms and hands.

Not fun. Not to mention all the other allergy symptoms.

But, I am not the only one very allergic to them. My mother and sister are as well. And, they were staying with my sister. It wasn’t fair for her to suffer like that until they could be outside cats. So, finding them a new home was in the cats’ best interest.

This won’t deter me in getting a cat in the future. I just will adopt one that is less of a furball and more of an outside cat. But, as for right now … CAT SHIRTS ONLY!!!




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