This is what you have to do to DQ …

IMG_0759I wasn’t planning on racing this weekend, but when my friend Camille offered her entry into the Boys Chase Girls Half Marathon in Morgan I jumped on the opportunity to race even though it was still a week after running the Ogden Marathon. I didn’t really have a race plan other than just take what my legs would give me. I finished in a respectable 2:30. Not my best, but definitely not my worst.

But, my biggest problem in the race was around mile six I got hungry. Not just hungry, hungry, but hungry for ice cream. You know the one food you usually don’t carry during a race. And, not to mention the one food the race doesn’t have at aid stations (which by the way should change … YOU HEAR ME RACE DIRECTORS?). But, I kid you not from about mile six to the end of the race all I could think about was ice cream. I’m not sure why it was specifically ice cream, but my body NEEDED it … bad.

So once I finished my race and got back to my car I beelined it to Dairy Queen. Mind you, this was at 10am. After I ordered my chocolate fudge Blizzard and sat in my car ready to devour my much desired (and deserved if you ask me) treat the thought that this was closest to BQing (Boston Qualifying) that I’d ever get. Really though the only difference between DQ (Dairy Queening) and BQing is that there really aren’t many requirements to DQ.

But, as a dug down into my Blizzard I thought there should be SOME kind of set standards for DQing. I mean, it shouldn’t be THAT easy, right? There should be some kind of earned reward for reaching that goal. So I came up with these four simple requirements …

1) Pretty much anyone can DQ.

DQ doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter how fast you go. Heck, there isn’t even a time requirement to obtain. Just as long as you start the race … that’s all that matters. Even if you don’t finish the race you can still DQ. I mean, odds are you had to wake up pretty early to run that race and even though you might not have finished doesn’t mean you can’t DQ. In fact you should DQ after just the effort of getting up and dressed, especially on a weekend morning.

2) Size doesn’t matter (TWSS).

When you BQ you have to do so running a marathon. But, the great thing about DQing is that you can DQ after a marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K … or even heck even after a 1K! And, I suppose if you had a neighborhood run around the block you could count that as well. The rule is … you run at all, you DQ. Simple as that.

3) Order whatever you want.

The great thing about DQing is that you can order WHATEVER you want regardless of what you ran. It’s the same logic that Brian Regan has about playing little league baseball. You don’t have to run a marathon to get a whole DQ, you can run a half marathon and still get the whole DQ … not half a DQ. The same goes with those 10Ks, 5Ks and runs around the neighborhood. There is no halving your DQ, you EARN the whole DQ. It’s as simple as that.

4) Brag about it on social media.

Now that you have DQ’d you have to let other people know what you did. Celebrate your achievement. The best way to do this is through social media in the form of check-ins, tweets and the ever popular selfie. Show off that medal and your DQ like you P’WNED that race (which undoubtedly you did, because it’s on social media and your non-running friends are just impressed you ran).

It’s as simple as that. Now don’t you want to go out and DQ as well? EVERYONE DOES! So what are you waiting for? JUST DO IT!


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