This Spartan race will be a Beast

After Googling “Spartan Race” images I came across this picture. I had no idea we were jumping through fire during the race?!? This makes me nervous and all kinds of excited. I’m sure glad I don’t have much leg hair as it is.

So, back in June I registered for a Super Spartan race (obstacle course over 8+ miles) here in Utah for June 2014. I wanted to do this for a couple reasons. For one, I wanted to challenge myself. Spartan races are TOUGH. Two, I thought it would be fun. And, third, I wanted the t-shirt (yes, this is one of my weaknesses. Go ahead and call me a shirt whore). I really wanted to do something more than just a Mud Run. I wanted it to be something challenging that I had to work towards.

Well, now it’s becoming even more of a challenge, because the Super Spartan race is now a Spartan Beast. What’s a Spartan Beast? It’s basically a half marathon of obstacle courses. Oy. My quads just hurt thinking about that. But, you know what? I am also EXCITED! Well, nervous excited. Nervcited? … can I trademark that?

My brother-in-law will be running it with me. So luckily I will not be going it alone. But, leading up to June it really puts a new wrinkle to my fitness goals and direction. Not only will I be focusing on my speed work leading up to getting my sub-two half marathon time, but I will be working on my strength and stamina for this race as well. I should look at it as blessing in disguise, because I have no doubt both goals will support and help each other.

But, now I am going to really have to focus on the intensity in the gym, both at my bootcamp gym, Firehouse Fitness and Planet Fitness, in my running on the road and treadmill and ESPECIALLY in the kitchen with my nutrition and food. I can have a killer workout in the gym, but if I am not eating right (more and even less) then I am not going to get the results I want/need.

I think what I am going to do is really evaluate my workouts, food and goals, even my New Years resolutions, and put together a plan that will point towards to the Spartan Beast in June and sub-two by September. Notice that I said BY September. I am going to be trying numerous times throughout the year to get that goal and I have no doubt my training for the Spartan Beast will help with that. Heck, if I am lucky I’ll get that PR before June. Wouldn’t that be something?

Either way, it’s time to make some paradigm shifts and I am okay with that. I’ve been telling myself now for the past couple of years that I really need to do more strength training … and now here it is.

So, who wants to run this thing with me? It’s $110 until January 28th and I am sure you can find a discount code or something for it? Heck, I’m pretty sure my brother-in-law got his entry through a Groupon?! So what’s your excuse for not running it? C’mon join me! If anything you can help move my lifeless body off the obstacle course after it kills me. That could be fun. Well, at least you’d have a journal entry for the day, right?


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