Thoughts on the next 80 …

IMG_8758I’ve had a lot of thoughts running through my head the past couple of days about my running. Not to sound like a broken record, but I have been extremely blessed over the last four years of long distance running.

Not only have I dodged any major injuries, but I’ve been blessed with an amazing body that works. I try to not take that for granted. Especially considering in the races alone, I’ve put in over 1400 miles of running since 2011.

Additionally, the friends that I have made during that time has been the greatest reward for me. Sure, there is satisfaction in proving to myself that I can do hard things. But, I came to that realization rather early in my running journey. Especially after I ran my first marathon.

But, I’ve found it MUCH more rewarding being able to help others along to that same realization. That’s one reason I love being a pacer. It’s been very rewarding in that regard.

Since Saturday I’ve been thinking a lot of how I want to see the rest of my 180 race journey play out. I’ve got a number of races laid out from now until the end of the year, which pretty much lead up to my first ultra marathon in November.

Under my calculations (barring the addition of any other races), I should be at around 117-118 total races by December. That includes 2-3 marathons and a number of back-to-back half marathons in October. All in the name of training for my 50K.

I know that I have been saying this for the past few years, but come 2016 I really do want and need to slow down. It’s a must. It’s a need. When it comes to my fitness I need to be more balanced and the focus is going to be strength and core training. I’ve neglected that aspect for a couple years and I need to be more lasered focus on it. It will only help me as a runner.

Instead of racing 25-30 times a year I’ve decided to cut that basically in half. I’m doing that partly to avoid injury and focus on the strength training, but I’ve got a number of other side projects within the running community that I want to give more of my time to. This includes The Utah Runcast, The Bugout Series and a free run series I just started The Run Utah Series — to name a few.

In fact just yesterday I signed back up with my old trainer at his place Firehouse Fitness in Bountiful. I am excited about that because during the time I worked out with him I got the best results. I am hoping he is the missing link in my frustrating hypothyroid puzzle of the past year.

I am very hopeful.

As I am looking ahead to the next 80 races I look forward with optimism, because I’ve got a lot going for me and my running. I love this community and I want to be more a part of it through my projects, volunteering more and supporting other runners.

Running is a gift. I’ve received so much, it’s time to give back.


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