Three Fat Josh “Go-To” Meals


Before I started my transformation I had a few go to meals. No, these were not healthy go to meals. Quite the opposite actually. When people ask me how I could eat meals like these it’s hard to answer why, because I really didn’t have an explanation in the first place. Well, other than I liked how they tasted and didn’t care about calories or content. I guess that’s somewhat of answer?

Sometimes, I still try to figure out Fat Josh, but I’ve stopped trying. I kind of chalk it up to someone that was directionless, didn’t care much about where he was going in life, what he was eating or cared what he looked like. Basically, it was a hot mess. But, that a whole different post for another day. Trust me.

I decided to take three somewhat typical meals that I would eat more often than not during my biggest days. I didn’t eat these every week, but more often than I probably should. Adding up these calories and nutritional facts are quite eye opening, especially when you compare it to a typical 2,000 calorie daily diet. There’s no wonder why I weighed over 400 lbs. I just didn’t care.

There’s a story behind these meals as well and it’s interesting recounting them, because it gives me a bit more insight on why I ate what I ate. Sometimes it was out of boredom, sometimes out of convenience, sometimes out of habit, but more often than not, out of stupidity. Anyways, here are three of those meals and the story behind them …

Meal #1
Nine Del Taco beef tacos
In college nearly every Tuesday my roommates and I (or sometimes just myself) would go to Del Taco for “Taco Tuesday.” The deal was three beef tacos for $0.99. Of course we would never just go for three tacos, we’d get our money’s worth. Of course I would try to go for the most. Why? Good question? Maybe I felt like since I was the biggest of my roommates I had to out eat everyone else? 
Looking at the nutritional numbers now it’s hard to believe I consumed 90 grams of fat and over 1,440 calories. The bad part of this habit was we’d usually go around 8-9pm AFTER I had already eaten dinner. So at times this was more like a late night snack. Oy! 
Calories: 1,440
Total Fat: 90g
Saturated Fat: 36g
Sodium: 1,350mg
Carbohydrates: 99g
Sugar: 9g
Protein: 63g
Meal #2
Denny’s Moons over my Hammy, Seasoned Fries, 24oz. Coca-Cola (Two re-fills)
My senior year in college I had this really bad habit of going to Denny’s late at night with one of my friends. We were both night owls and had a bad habit of suggesting to other to grab something to eat around 2-3am. Yes, you read that right. There were a number of times we would spend a couple of hours at Denny’s eating a fourth (sometimes a fifth meal) of the day for no other reason than it was something to do.
My typical meal was the Moons over my Hammy with fries and a large Coke. Sometimes I would also order a milkshake. Sometimes something completely different like French Toast or pancakes. Regardless of what it was, it wasn’t ever the RIGHT choice, especially when you are consuming nearly 2,000 calories (your daily caloric intake) at 2am.
Calories: 1,931
Total Fat: 84g
Saturated Fat: 28g
Sodium: 1,770mg
Carbohydrates: 169g
Sugar: 78g
Protein: 60g
Meal #3
Five McDonald’s McDouble Cheeseburgers, Medium Fries, 32oz. Coca-Cola
Gosh, this meal makes me cringe. Since I lived about three hours home I would make the commute at least once, sometimes twice a month depending on holidays or family functions. Before leaving town I would always “stock” up for the long ride home. This usually consisted of going to McDonald’s, which was conveniently right next to the exit, and buying five burgers, fries and a large Coke. 
I love McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers. I don’t think I’ll ever say I hate them, because just typing about them I can almost taste them. The onions, ketchup and pickle with the cheese and burger patty … mmmm … there’s a reason they’re addictive. They’re crack. And, the problem I had was I could down them quickly. There were times I ate at least three burgers within the first 45 minutes of my drive and the rest were usually gone before I was half way home. I don’t know how I managed the fries and Coke, but I usually had no problem.
It’s baffling to me looking at the numbers. I crammed over 3,000 calories into my body within usually an hour and a half! Not to mention nearly 150 grams of fat, 6,400mg of sodium and 106 grams of sugar. I guess the only positive out of that whole meal was my 129 grams of protein? But, then again the fat and saturated fat kind of negated all of that, right? Just look at those numbers?!?!
Calories: 3,140
Total Fat: 149g
Saturated Fat: 62.5g
Sodium: 6,390mg
Carbohydrates: 324g
Sugar: 106g
Protein: 129g

It’s interesting going back and looking at these meals. I wish I really could understand in more detail why I ate what I ate and did what I did. Was I that blind to what I was doing to my body? Or did I just not care? Again, those are questions for another day. But, I hope you gain something out of this post. Maybe you are a emotional eater that has blinded themselves to reality like I did for so many years? Maybe you need a recommitting to fitness and health? Or heck, maybe you need a pat on the back knowing you never hit this level of rock bottom?

Whatever the case may be, know that you can always change. It’s though, but you can.



  1. Jared says:


    I hate to say that there have been many times when I enjoyed these same meals, and on occassion I still do. Tell me how you avoid eating them now. Willpower? Better meal planning? How have you been able to pull off the change. After a bad day at work, or a boring day at work, or other triggers, I still am sorely temped to go for the 9 pack of tacos!!

  2. Joshua says:

    Meal planning is the big thing. Also, I’ve just set an absolute standard that I don’t eat fast food, period. Like, I don’t even make it an option. But, in addition it took me a LONG time to also change the relationship I had with food. I used it as a medicine and almost like a consultant of course. Plus it was something I enjoyed doing, especially when I was bored. I still enjoy food, but I enjoy it as it is … fuel. De-humanizing food has helped me a lot. But, I know people’s struggle with food is different and really it’s all mind games.

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