#throwaway vs. #throwback Thursday

TTT-32714Last night I had the most awesome opportunity to share my story with a group of women involved in a program in Ogden, Utah called Weber in Motion. They meet twice a week on the campus of Weber State University for 16 weeks to train to either walk, run or run/walk either the Ogden Half Marathon or 5K. It’s really a cool program that quite frankly more communities could (and should) copy.

10149971_10201529627473420_1697605212_nI got connected with the group from one of my (self-proclaimed) blog stalkers, Amy. She’s been stalking me ever since I was over on the Blogger with Phat Josh and Running Towards Home (RIP). Anyways, she had Rachel, the program director, contact me and I was invited to share my story with this group of ladies. It was an amazing experience to say the least.

I shared with the ladies a bit about my background and how I got to 402lbs. I talked about my love for Denny’s and buying a whole 5 for $5 Arby’s Melt meal for myself. I talked about how I really lost myself and basically stopped living life. Then of course the rock bottom moment of graduation day from college and how that spurred a change within me.

I really focused on my first steps towards a change and how I had to overcome not just my fears of the gym, of my limitations and of the unknown, but of change. Change of diet, change of exercise routine and how hard that was for me to do.

Then I talked about how I got into running and how it started with a 5K and progressed towards a half marathon and marathon. Which,10149342_10201529524110836_1931538375_n well, now is pretty much an obsession as I work towards 180 races. I also asked my friend Jill Gabica to share some of her story as well. It was great. I really draw strength from other people’s stories. And, Jill has an amazing story about how she started running. I’ve seen her go from running a 5K to a half marathon and now to her training for a marathon. She really inspires me.

I had such a great night with these ladies. I am excited for them and their races. I’m excited for the first-time runners and that moment they cross the finish line. There isn’t anything better in the world of running. Those first races that you NEVER imagined you’d be able to accomplish are always memorable and the experiences they’ll have will change them. I’m jealous.

Even though I won’t be at the Ogden Marathon with them I will definitely be thinking of them as they cross their finish line. They’ve deserved that moment with the work they’ve put in and continue to do leading up to the race. Good luck ladies, and thanks again for letting me share a small part of me with all of you!




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