#ThrowbackThursday vs. #ThrowItBackThursday


I’ve been rather emotional writing this post. Why you ask? Because there’s broccoli in it. And, this is not in a “gross I hate broccoli, I think I am going to cry” kind of way. It’s more like a “I freaking love broccoli so much, but I can’t eat it anymore because it’s not recommended for people suffering from hypothyroidism” kind of way. Sigh.

If you need further explanation just read here and here. That should bring you into the loop if you’re not in it yet.

Needless to say this Thursday’s #throwbackthursday vs. #throwitbackthursday post is dedicated to broccoli. If Fat Josh had eaten broccoli, I would have posted a picture of him with the leafy heaven goodness. But, alas, you get an awkward picture of him eating pizza instead. The picture is from my trip to Hawaii back in 2008. And, it’s a rarity, because I rarely EVER (if ever) took a picture of me eating food back then … let alone pizza. Consider this the Honus Wagner of Fat Josh pictures.

But, I am really kind of bummed that I am cutting out broccoli in my diet. You really have no idea how much I love it and how often I ate it. It’s probably why my thyroid is tanking. So, today I am making sure to include broccoli in my two meals. I guess you could call today’s lunch and dinner my last meal … with broccoli. Gosh, now I’m getting emotional about it … I must stop.

I am excited to work on this new diet and regime. I’m hoping my body and thyroid responds to the change. I am fairly certain it will. It’s just SUPER frustrating when it doesn’t respond … to anything. Hopefully those days are behind me. Sorry broccoli, you were too kind to me.

Happy Thursday all y’all!



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