Time to commence — Operation Half Ass

I love organizing my fitness. I love mapping it all out. And, I love working toward those goals. Working toward these goals — whether their weight-loss or running related — is something I love and need.

After my ‘More Grease for Greece’ campaign that I did from August to November to help me lose 35lbs. with the keto diet, I feel the need to hone in on my diet and workout regime, especially now that I know what I’m dealing with regarding my ankle.

I am still doing the keto diet. I’ve been on it ever since I got back from Europe. I’ve lost about another 5lbs., but for the most part I’ve stalled a bit. And, I know why. I need to refocus myself and be more meticulous with my approach, numbers and intensity. I’ve been here before and I know what it takes to get past these plateaus.

But, these last 20lbs. toward my goal weight will be the toughest. It’s going to take a lot of discipline and focus. And, to help me I divided my focus into three specific areas … weight loss, diet and training.

They’re all listed below with a bit more detail. But, the goal is to really focus in on these three areas for the next six weeks — leading up to my next half marathon (Riverton Half, March 24). I won’t be ready to run a killer half marathon, but I’ll be in a better situation than I am right now.

So without further adieu, here are my three focus areas in what I’m calling ‘Operation Half Ass’ …


I have stalled in my weight loss since December. This was kind of expected and I am not too worried about it, because my workouts and runs have been less consistent and intense with my injury recovery. But, I feel like I am turning that curve, especially now that I know how to tackle my recovery.

I am sitting between 245-250lbs. — depending on the day — and I really want to get back to the 225-230lbs. range. When I was at my “best” — I was in that range. My lowest ever — well, in my adulthood — was 218lbs., but that 225-230lbs. range was where I peaked with my performance.

I’d like to get back to that.

That means I need to lose 20-25lbs. to get there. Which will be tough. The last 20-25lbs. of any  weight loss goal is tough. And, this is the part of the game that I am going to have to do things differently in my running and workouts than I have the past 4-6 months. Which is fine. But, that requires a change in focus, mentality and commitment.

I’ve been here before — which helps. The key like anything in life is sticking to it and being tenacious with your goals and focus.


Being a keto discipline is tough. For me, it’s not so much avoiding carbs, but it’s how in I fuel myself with the needed carbs throughout my day. Most of my carbs come from vegetables — namely salad — lettuce, green peppers, onion and the carb here and there that you can’t avoid in most foods.

Depending on who you ask, some ketoers count total carbs, while others only count net carbs (total carbs – fiber). I’ve always counted net carbs. It’s worked for me as I keep my daily carb total at 25-30 net carbs.

Is that too much?


In reality I am probably getting 35-40 total carbs. I’ve been in ketosis, but lately it’s been a struggle keeping myself there. After talking to a few keto friends — this is probably why. So, I am switching from counting net carbs to total carbs.

The thing I do have to watch is my carbs — most ketoers shoot for 20-25 grams a day, but my doctor wants me to be around 25-30 grams because of my Hashimoto’s Disease. Being the Google stalker I am, I’ve seen that suggestion all over online for Hashimoto Ketoers — and since the goal is to have a healthy thyroid and not necessarily get cut and lose weight, I feel that I should follow those guidelines.

So total carbs it is.


I think the thing that went against me the last 4-6 months in my training was the skewed training balance. I was trying to train for my 100 mile run, I was running way too much and had a half marathon (or two) every weekend.

I won’t lie — that put me out of whack in my training.

Granted I had weight training classes during the week and I was getting miles in. But, the balance was off and not completely in line with my goals. And, then considering my injury recovery that just further threw off my balance, because I couldn’t physically do what I need to do to properly prepare myself for my 100 mile run.

I really held onto the hope that somehow, one day, I’d miraculously wake up pain free and be able to do what I needed to do. Well, that day never came. And, reality finally sunk in — eight months after my injury.

While I’m glad that I never gave up to the hope things would get better, I also wish I came to the realization earlier. It would have probably sped up the recovery process quicker. Either way, we’re here now and there’s no changing that.

So the plan of attack is balancing my fitness — that means more strength training, less running and focusing on my flexibility while maintaining my needed physical therapy stretches for my ankle. I know that might sound a bit confusing, but the past couple of years running was the fat kid on the other end of the seesaw — I can’t have that any more.

I need balance.

Having ten more races until Race #180 is really a blessing in disguise, because that forces me to not be running a half marathon every weekend. I will have a couple back-to-back weekends with a half marathon, but that’s twice and very doable considering I am sweeping one of the two races.

Not only am I not running 13.1 miles every weekend, I am also not running every weekend. Each month I have one weekend that’s specifically for cross training — boot camp, swimming, long hike and what not … just no running.

I’m doing that so I won’t wear down throughout the year — and because I want/need that balance. I need to feel okay with not feeling the guilt of not doing a long run once a month. Plus, it allows me to explore other areas of fitness.

Just don’t ask me to get on a bike. But, that’s a post for another day.

Anyways, balance. Balance. Balance. Balance.


I am a creature of habit. But, I also love varied — everyone once in a while. When I started out my weight-loss journey in 2009 I made it a point to switch up my diet and workout routine about every 4-8 weeks. I need to get back into that habit.

I found that the more I changed my approach and routine the easier it was for me to break through plateaus. I think that’s what really helped me lose over 100lbs. within a year.

I want to find a way to do that with my keto diet — which I’ll research in the next couple of weeks, but the focus right now is the workout regime. I’ll blog about this in more depth in the next couple of weeks, but I want to share with you my workout regime for the next eight weeks.


My focus is not only balance, but under my doctor’s direction — recovery for my ankle. This will lead me to the Riverton Half Marathon on March 24th. The running won’t prepare me for a fast race — but, that’s okay. I know I can grind out 13.1 miles — no matter now ugly it might look.

But, I really want to not only cut some more weight off the gut, but I really just want to give myself a good solid base to my fitness. A base that will help me moving forward with my health and weight — and keep my ankle happy and recovering.

My goal running wise isn’t necessarily to get fast this year — just faster. And, really that will come with the focus on training, diet and the way I balance that. But, in 2019 when I’ve solidified that base my focus will be on getting fast as I hopefully hone in on getting a sub-two half marathon time.

That’s a lot of info to process, so I might have to save all of that for a post for another time? Either way, I’m deliberately being strategic on my approach. I HAVE to be smart about it, especially in how I balance my goals with my reality.

And, I’m extremely excited about it all.

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