Time to “PONY UP” and go for some new goals …


Maybe I am just going stir crazy from the lack of running I’ve had the past week and a half — maybe it’s the walking pneumonia and drugs they put me on? But, I’ve been craving a new adventure lately.

Something fun.

Something crazy.

Something epic.

And, of course when you’re searching an adventure with those kind of adjectives as a runner — you’d basically be talking about an ultra marathon.

Of course, I am already an ultra marathoner — I earned that title (and mug) back in November at the Buffalo Run 50K on Antelope Island. It was nothing short of epic. One of the toughest things I’ve done mentally, physically and spiritually.

And, then putting the unpredictable element of skittish buffalo along the route made it just that much more fun.

But, I did it. And, thanks to a group of awesome friends — especially Tim and Jason — I didn’t die. It was an experience that I will remember forever. But, an accomplishment I knew I didn’t want to end there.

Having managed to run/hike/walk/skip/crawl 33 miles around Antelope Island — I knew I was capable of much more. Much, much, much more. And, that eventually I would want to build upon that accomplishment either with a faster time or a longer distance.

And, since I could care less about my time of any race over 13.1 miles — I knew one day I wanted to run a 50 miler. The when was up in the air — well kinda. I wanted to take the “smart” approach and work on my base more along with getting stronger in my core and overall strength. My thyroid issues have taken a lot of that away from me.

But, you know what?

The more I try to justice the reasons to work on all those first — the more I realize … there’s no better time than NOW to do them. I can work on both things at the same time. I think I sometimes try to departmentalize the heck out of my life sometimes.

Like all those motivational quotes, posters and stationary say — there’s no better time than the present.

So …

I am signing up for the Pony Express 50 Miler on October 21-22 of this year!

Yep. I’m biting the bullet. I am pushing myself further than I what I THINK I can do. And, I’m doing it.

Am I scared? A little? Am I prepared? Obviously not now. But, you know that come race day I will be. Mentally, I want to tackle this beast now. But, I know that before that happens I’ll have to put the work and training in first.

Since I am running the St. George Marathon on October 1st (some 20 days before the Pony Express 50) I’ll  essentially be training for both. Which is perfect. Hit two birds with one stone, right?

I am not going for time at St. George so my training miles will be more focused on miles than pace or time which goes right in line with my ultra training as well. But, like I tell everyone — when it comes to long distance miles over 13.1 miles — I am most definitely a zen runner.

Mentally, I want and need this.

This is something I can focus on basically right now up to race day. My focus with my weight-loss, health and training is to prepare myself for the Pony 50. It’s the mountain in the distance that I am running and climbing towards — it won’t be easy — but it will prepare me.

In my mind this is all a journey, a fight and quest. And, I can’t wait to do it!

It scares me to death for all the right reasons.

So, who else wants to join me?



  1. Looking forward to seeing you there. The 50 milers get an earlier start. It is a beautiful course in a desolate way. Just get A LOT of time on your feet in your training. Having your ‘crew’ following along is a great experience. Nutrition is the key to a good time and experience.

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