‘Tis the season … and reason to run

What a refreshing and wonderful weekend. Much, much needed break and time with family. And, quite honestly has prepared me to really focus on the Christmas season — the real reason for the season — even more. Something I’ve wanted and tried to do the past couple of years. As I walked around City Creek on Black Friday — it kind of hit me that “it’s Christmastime” and got me excited.

Not that feeling of “oh, it’s Christmas” — but a tinge of that Christmas spirit you had as a child. It really made me excited for the upcoming month and everything I’m working on with O.U.R., my running and family. It’s going to be a great month and season of the Christmas spirit. I know that sounds a tad cliche — but I really do feel that way.

Even looking towards 2016 I am getting excited about my goals and projects. There are a few running projects I’ll be sharing more about come January or so — that’s going to be exciting. Plus, I have a number of running, weight loss and fitness goals that I’ll working on into the new year. So, yeah, lots of optimism to be had. And, like a broken record, I’m really excited.

This past week was a mixture of family and running time. On Thanksgiving I ran the Thankful 13 half marathon down in Lehi — if you missed my race report you can read it hereAdditionally, we had family dinner at the homestead along with some of my cousins and c’nieces (cousin + niece). Lots of fun. It’s always lots of fun especially “the littles” running around.

Other than having a jam packed Thanksgiving day, the rest of the weekend was fairly chill. On Friday I slept in, ran, worked on a bunch of O.U.R. projects and then went to walk around City Creek for a while just to people watch. I had this idea to go shopping for my nieces and nephew — but I walked into the Disney Store and realized the line to checkout was longer than waiting for Splash Mountain on a hot summer afternoon. So, I just watched my friend shop while I people watched. It was a win-win.

I hate shopping — especially for presents. Luckily, this year all our siblings decided to donate our Christmas gift money to O.U.R. instead of buying something that we’d forget about within six months. We’re still buying presents for the kids — so sometime between now and Christmas Eve I am going to need to get on that. I have aspirations of getting something for them from the Disney Store — but let’s be honest they’re probably getting something Walmart.

That’s just how I roll.

The rest of the weekend was spent with family. My aunt and uncle returned from their LDS mission to Rome, Italy this week so spent time with at Temple Square and then their homecoming on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. Not just to hear about their experiences, but to see cousins I haven’t seen in a while. I grew up fairly close to a number of my cousins so it’s always fun to see them when they’re in town after scattering around the country once leaving the nest.

But, looking forward to this week — it’s going to be a busy week. Our O.U.R. event is this Friday and then the 5K is on Saturday. But, I’ve got projects I am working on through the whole week leading up to the events — so I am swamped. But, you know what? I am totally loving it. I am excited, pumped and feeling extremely blessed to be doing something that will help so many kids.

And, isn’t Christmas about the kids anyways?

Just thinking about helping rescue kids so that one day they’ll get a loving, caring and special Christmas motivates me. It also fills me with the Christmas spirit more than anything has the past decade or so. Lots to be thankful for while helping those that need the help.


This music video by Peter Breinholt was released less than a week ago and I am pretty sure that I have watched over 400 times. I can’t get enough of it. I can’t watch it enough. It truly touches my heart everytime I listen to the lyrics and listen to the voices of the One Hope Children’s Choir.

This song inspired Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad, to leave his job as an CIA agent and dedicate his life to ending the children sex trade. When you listen to the lyrics you can understand how he got that inspiration. I am sure it has inspired many others to get involved in O.U.R. as well. It wasn’t my motivation — but it sure solidified why I am involved.

The cool thing is that you can help end human trafficking by purchasing this song via iTunes. The proceeds will go to Operation Underground Railroad to aid their mission to rescue enslaved children around the world. DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://apple.co/1Ol6BQ7



I have posted a few things about this event on my Facebook, but I need to spread it more, especially here on the blog. I am involved with helping to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad aka O.U.R. — here in Bountiful.

There is a FREE event on Friday, December 4th at the Bountiful High auditorium featuring O.U.R. founder Tim Ballard, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and the One Voice Children’s Choir. It’s going to be a HUGE event!

Our little team (though growing every week) in Bountiful is trying to raise $75,000 for O.U.R. That money will help fund three rescue missions. That includes any administration costs needed, the operation and rehabilitation for the children as well.

I am involved in this for many, many reasons. But, the number one reason — is that it sickens me. It sickens me these children are sold or kidnapped into the sex slave industry — no freedom, no safety and absolutely no life.

For what? Someone else’s perversion.

It’s gotta stop and it will — and, I love that O.U.R. has set out to do just that.



As part of our fundraiser for Operation Underground Railroad we’re also holding a 5K this Saturday at 9am. If you are familiar with the Bountiful area — we’re basically starting where the Five Points Mall once stood. The 5K is $30 for 18 and over, $15 for 18 and under and FREE for kids under the age of 5 — and the proceeds will go to O.U.R. to help fund their rescue missions. So bring your kids, strollers, bikes or — even rollerblades.

Just come!

You can register HERE via Active.com — registration does include a Run United t-shirt. Pretty nifty, eh?

If you would like more information and up to the minute updates about the race there is a Facebook event page for your convenience. Make sure to check it regularly. So far the forecast looks good. It’ll be cold, but no snow!

So please come run with us!



We’re back! And, rebranded! The Utah Runcast is officially now Runcast USA! We were going to make the move to the new PodBash network in January 2016 with the other shows, but we got a jump start to NOW! This change includes our own iTunes feed, individual page at PodBash.com as well as our own website at RuncastUSA.com. Lot’s of fun stuff coming your way in 2016 with the podcast and more. So make sure you stay tuned in!

So for this episode Jorge joins us and explains why he didn’t show up for the last show. Let’s just say — the Mrs. isn’t so happy. We have a special guest — and first female on the Runcast — Shaylee Hurst from Runtastic Events. She shares with us a little bit about what she does with Runtastic along with how she got faster this past year.


Plus, we babble on about our goals, my 50K, Jorge’s injury and Jim’s marathon plan. It’s all good stuff. Catch it all here …



I got this tie over 20 years ago from my parents — the message is still relevant to this day. #iamtheblacksheep

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Black Friday™ provides better people watching than it does actual shopping. #blackfriday

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Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 253.75 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 483.8 miles
2015 Race Miles – 464.45 miles
2015 Total Miles – 1202.0 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  131.15 miles
July  101.65 miles
August  110.2 miles
September – 115.69 miles
October – 164.7 miles
November – 143.95 miles



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