‘Tis the season to be sick … BLARGH!

If there’s one thing I hate more than anything it’s being sick. Well — I take that back, I hate deer, Satan and occlupanids. Don’t ask me, I have my reasons. But, I really, really, really hate being sick.

I’ve been sick off and on pretty much the before Christmas. I caught a cold from my brother’s girlfriend (it sounds much worst than it actually sounds) that I annihilated — or so I thought — through an attack of EmergenC, running and going to bed early. It was a quick illness — again — so I thought.

On Christmas Eve I got a pretty nasty stomach ache that lasted 48 hours — it was bad. It has nothing in relation to my cold. But, I’m adding it here to fill in some space. Wanna make sure you get the bang for your buck while reading my blog, right? (though you’re not paying to read this)

Anyways, this past week over New Years I started showing signs of it coming back — the cold, not the stomach ache — so I did what I previously with a routine of EmergenC, watching my sugar intake and early bed times. Oh, yeah — and running.

It seemed like it worked for the most part, but — alas — no. It came back as a fun little sinus infection. Not only do I have a constantly runny nose, but I’m coughing up half of my lung every hour on the hour. It’s just not fun.

On Tuesday night I headed to bed at 9pm — early for me, but late for my Grandma — but, couldn’t sleep. I coughed all night — and not just here and there, it was full out coughing attacks. And, more than 4-5 times — I lost count.

Despite taking meds and Mucinex to help — I couldn’t sleep at all. So, I called in sick from work — and then somehow crashed for another 6-7 hours. Which seems so unfair? Sure I can’t sleep in the middle of the night — but, stop during work hours?! What the heck, body?!

But, it was sleep needed.

I was tempted to walk a bit or even run — but, I couldn’t, my body just needed the rest. So I laid on the couch watching Friends and staring at my treadmill wanting DESPERATELY to run on it (you know you’re sick when you miss running on the treadmill).

But, I figure — it’s best to get this behind me now so that I can focus on my half marathon training next week. I just gotta get the mucus out of my system and rebound.

Thankfully, I am going back to work on Thursday — and hoping to feel good enough to also go the Temple with family later in the evening. But, we’ll see. The last thing I want to do is have a coughing attack in the middle of a session. BLARGH!

Though these days give me anxiety because I didn’t workout, run or walk much (my FitBit basically said I moved a quarter of a mile) — it’s okay. I’ve got to remind myself that it’s okay — and that the bigger picture is what matters.

But, gosh how I hate being sick.

It sucks!

Daily Shorts.fw

  • While laying on the couch loathing in my self-pity — I got sucked into a ‘My Worst Nightmare’ marathon. I won’t lie — I couldn’t even imagine going through some of the stuff I watched. One girl got murdered by classmates while she was home alone in the dark, a Pastor’s wife and daughter were kidnapped for months by a stalker and former student and then there was the case of the man who killed his whole family to protect their innocence from the world. There’s a reason why I don’t watch much TV — I’d be sitting in front of it all day watching “my stories.”
  • What I really should have done is stayed home and watched “The Price is Right” and “Golden Girls” all day — now I really won’t be able to sleep. Oh, speaking of “The Price is Right” — the episode that we went to will be on TV next Wednesday (January 13). We didn’t get on — but, we’re right behind Contestant’s Row — so it’s pretty much the same, right?
  • I read this the other day — and my heavens it gave me tears. What a great man this officer is — not just for helping the runner, but for serving over 27 years in law enforcement. My prayers are with Officer Cain and his family to beat the ugly disease of cancer.
  • I won’t comment too much on this — but, I bookmarked this article and ordered the book — because I like the premise behind what Dr. Ludwig is saying — it’s kind of been the approach I am taking in my weight-loss and health journey.
  • BAHAHAHAHAHA — panted dogs. Oh, Canada — how you make me laugh.
  • This has to be the best diet plan — EVER — invented. Forget what I wrote above, I’m doing the Taco Cleanse Diet!
  • Mark Zuckerberg — of Facebook — has pledged to run 365 miles this year. Basically, a mile a day. I think it’s great what he’s doing — inspiring others not just to run, but to be active. I’ve seen comments online from other runners and it’s been mixed — some kind of laugh at it because 365 miles is a couple months of running for them. But, that’s not the point — it’s to inspire others and get them off the couch or doing something they thought they’d never be able to do. Way to go Zuck!
  • Speaking of Zuck — he’s also developing a robotic butler. I don’t know if that’s really cool or if this is the beginning of iRobot?
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this article about the back of the pack runners, I totally can relate with the author’s feelings, doubt and frustrations.
  • I won’t lie — this made me laugh — all of those memes and Tweets about Making A Murderer — HILARIOUS! I only saw that because I spent 10 hours over New Years entrenched.



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