Animals I don’t want to run into while running …


While running on Saturday with Becky we ran past a pasture of horses. Becky stopped and pet a couple of them and encouraged me to do likewise. I declined. Why? Well, I could just picture myself getting bit by the horse and then being left for dead bleeding in a ditch. Sounds kind of extreme I know, but horses in my book are just deer without antlers. You can’t trust them.

This got Becky and I talking about what kind of animals we wouldn’t want to run into on the open road. My first one was a mama bear and her’s was a cougar. Both animals no one would want to come across anytime, anywhere. But, you have to admit my first choice is scarier than a cougar. Who’s going to mess with a Mama Bear, right? See, further proof here.

But, while running my 30K I decided to make a definitive list of animals I wouldn’t want to run across while running … here they are …

  1. Mama bear.
  2. Hungry cougar.
  3. Mama moose.
  4. Unleashed pit bull.
  5. Any unleashed dog.
  6. Alligator/Crocodile.
  7. Rattle snake.
  8. American bison.
  9. Cow.
  10. Horse.
  11. Deer (this seems so low on my list? Especially for how much I hate them.).
  12. Crazy man jacked up on bath salts.
  13. Protective mother goose.
  14. Skunk.
  15. Porcupine.
  16. Really, any rabid animal chasing me.

Do you think? Did I leave anything off on this list? Kangaroos? Stampeding elephants? Land sharks?



  1. Honestly, any snake is #1 for me. I think I may be more terrified of snakes than you are of deer. Men is high on my list, but only because you hear tons of stories of women runners being attacked and since I am forced to run alone a lot, this is big for me.

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