Top 10 Race Medals of 2017

These are some of my favorite posts of the year. Each year I basically choose my Top 10 favorite race medals. There isn’t really a set criteria other than they’re my favorite and usually either catch my eye or mean something to me in relation to that race.

The Runtastic Trilogy Medal is on the top of the list and shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering it also won The Joshby for Medal of the Year as well. This is an amazing medal. Not just for it’s design elements — which are awesome — but, for what it means for me this past year.

Not only did I earn the medal by running three Runtastic Events race, but having worked for Runtastic Events this past year I am always going to remember the races, experiences and friendships I forged. And, if that wasn’t enough the Greek theme is near to my heart because of my heritage and trip I took this past November.

Lots of reminders of 2017 in that single medal.

But, seriously, let’s talk about the size and weight of that thing. It’s HUGE! It’s HEAVY! And, it”s absolutely awesome.

Anyways, here are the rest of my favorite race medals from 2017 — from the Jackpot Running Festival to the Elephant Rock Trail Run to the SoJo Half Marathon — I love them all.

#10: SoJo Half Marathon

#9: The Hobbler Half

#8: Bear Lake Trifecta Medals

#7: Elephant Rock Trail Run

#6: AF Canyon Run Against Cancer

#5: Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon

#4: Jackpot Ultra Running Festival

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#3: Mt. Nebo Half

#2: Joshua Tree Half Marathon

#1: Runtastic Events Trilogy Medal