Top Ten Reasons why Sears Burritos are where it’s at …


So yesterday Becky and I did our last run before her marathon on Saturday. It was all kinds of nostalgic and while we didn’t cry we definitely ate those emotions in the form of Sears burritos. Over the past couple of months you’ve probably read a lot about my trips to the Tacos Don Rafa cart in front of Sears in Downtown SLC. I really frequent the place more than I should … but … seriously, you can’t beat the taste and value of their burritos. Only $3 for a handmade burrito? Yeah, you don’t pass that up.


Plus, I really like the burritos because it’s a lot of good clean food. It’s not trash. Mexican food in general is very diet friendly, especially when you know what to avoid and what to add. Simply put … I love them. And that love is pretty much deep and eternal. Life changing if I might say.


To persuade you to try (and fall deeply in love) a Sears burrito I thought I would give you the top ten reasons why you this food is so important for you to eat …

10) Because, burritos!

This should be pretty much a given. If you are a lover for burritos you will love the Sears Taco Stand. What’s there not to love about burritos? It has good clean food wrapped in a tortilla of love. Something that Tacos Don Rafas does REALLY well.

Plus, we’re talking about good authentic made food with pretty much any kind of meat you would want or expect from a taco stand. The chicken is amazing, same with the pork and even for the vegetarians out there the rice, bean and cheese is pretty dang delicious.


9) It gives a gringo like me a little culture in my life.

So many people (especially here in Utah) feel like they could cultured in one of two ways. One, they went on a Spanish speaking mission or two, they eat at Cafe Rio. I hate to break this to Utah, but if you claim the second one … you’re not that cultured. In fact the extent of it is that you can roll your Rs when saying carne asada.

But, at the Sears Taco Stand you get exposed to a whole new world. In fact during my first visit I thought I was ordering my burrito right, but accidently ended up ordering a burrito and a carnita. I thought carnitas were something you put in your burrito. But, no, it’s basically taco.

The thought of a taco in a burrito sounds kinda good right now.

Now when I order my burritos, I know what to ask for. I know the REAL Spanish words for them. I now can not only say carne asada with the rolling R, but I know the right way to say pico de gallo (TIP: it’s not PICK-O DA GAL-O). I’ve become cultured and learned in the ways of burrito making.

Cafe Rio can’t teach you that.

8) You never have to worry about parking because it’s located in the Sears parking lot. As evidenced by this reviewer.

I mean, this is Sears. When was the last time you shopped at Sears? See proof enough that there’s plenty of parking.

7) Location, location, location.

When you forget about the fact that the taco stand is located in a shady part of town and next to a Sears it’s actually located in a good centralized location of the city. It’s right off of State Street and on 800 S.

There’s easy access from the freeway from 600 S. and easy freeway entrance from South Temple a few blocks away. It’s also not that far away from downtown and not that bad of a drive for South Salt Lakers.

So wanting a Sears Burrito doesn’t have to be a HUGE sacrifice of time. It’s basically a matter of making it happen.

6) If you go often enough you make friends with the cooks and local homeless people.

When you go the taco stand on a weekly basis you kind of automatically make friends. It’s just a given. The cook in the evenings is a really friendly man. I don’t know his name, but I’d like to imagine that it’s something like Chanco. I tip him well, because he has this magical way of making the tortilla just the way I like it.

Then on Saturdays there is a hispanic lady who mans the cart. She’s good. But, nothing like Chanco. But, I have to say when I was eating meat back in the day, I really liked the way she cooked the chicken. But, really, you can’t lose with either one making your burrito.

Since this is a spotty area in Downtown SLC there are a number of homeless people in the area. There is one homeless man, Richard, who pretty much lives there from my understanding. The first time I was there he was sound asleep in front of Sears using an orange cone as a pillow. But, then during lunch and dinner he panhandles asking people for a dollar.

I made friends with Richard and I will occasionally give him a dollar. But, after offering to buy him a burrito he told me he doesn’t have teeth so instead I bring him something he can chew. Granted, it’s not the most nutritious food, but he really likes Gummy Bears, Fruit Snacks and Cherry Sours. One of these days I want to bring him ice cream or maybe a Slurpee?

Anyways, he’s a great guy and we’re both on a first name basis. Gosh, I need to bring him a Slurpee.

5) It’s an established brand since 1998.

Yeah, if you’re worried this is some little shanty cart think again. Tacos Don Rafa has been around for nearly 16 years. You’ve got to be doing something right if you’re around that long and located ACROSS the street from a Taco Time (okay that’s probably not the best example).

But, if you’re worried about getting some bug and dying over a bad burrito you won’t find it here. Plus, they’re held to the same standard as other restaurants. So, don’t worry about the burrito and just enjoy it!

4) It’s the perfect post-running food out on the market today. 

9 times of out 10 after I run I crave a burrito. Especially a vegetarian burrito JAM packed with rice, beans and veggies. Every kind of carb I want back in my system after burning everything else. But, I have learned the hard way NOT to carb load with a Sears Burrito. Well, unless you leave out the beans. I feel like this enough writing on that topic.

But, yeah, rec-arb up with a burrito … it’s really how you win at life.

3) It’s life changing as evidence by this story.

I’ll let that story speak for itself. But, needless to say, if you start signing to your burrito while you’re eating it, you’re is changed.

2) The flavor and cost supersedes that of popular Utah burrito chains Cafe Rio or Costa Vida.

I won’t even put Taco Bell, Taco Time or Del Taco in the same category. They’re a whole different beast. But, there’s a love affair with Cafe Rio and Costa Vida here in Utah that I don’t understand. We go crazy about these burritos and then happily fork over well over $7 for them.


Sure, the burritos are good. But, are they $7 good? HEAVENS NO! Plus, there’s really nothing authentic about the food. The meat is frozen and everything else is packaged and ready to go. Where’s the authenticity?

But, at the taco stand you’re getting WELL over your money’s worth. For over half the price of a chain burrito you get a burrito you not only get a BIGGER burrito, but you have control on your toppings. After the cook gives you the base meat, rice and beans then you get to load it up how you want to make it. How is that not better than a chain? It’s not.

1) The cost of a burrito is $3. THREE DOLLARS!

All of this for $3! Yep, you heard me right. That’s about $4 cheaper than what you will get from Cafe Rio, Costa Vida and even Chiptole. The taste will hook you in and you’ll be in heaven. Complete heaven.

And, all for three dollars.

Well if this hasn’t persuaded you to go get a Sears Burrito then you are a horrible person with absolutely no pallet. Okay, not a horrible person, but probably someone who hates Mexican food. Again, I’ll try not to judge you on that either.

But, the next time you are in Salt Lake or just finished running take my word for it and get a burrito from the Sears Taco Stand. You will NOT regret it. Honest.



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