TOP TEN TUESDAY: Lessons from Fat Josh

TTT NOTE: I apologize for the use of Comic Sans. I know that this is the most terrible of fonts, but I needed a graphic and I made this on my computer at work during lunch … and … it just happened, ok? Please don’t judge me. It’s not my fault that my work won’t let me download custom fonts on my work computer.

Every once in a while I like to look back at pictures of Fat Josh. Okay, I probably like to do that more often than I PROBABLY should. Let’s be honest here. But, I feel like occasionally looking back is good for you.

It’s good to see how far you’ve come, what progress you’ve made and even where you still need to go. But, now in the stage of my journey I am just in AWE that I once looked what I looked like. It’s hard to miss the changes.

But, I try not to look at Fat Josh in a whole negative light. I am still very much that same person I was five years ago. Not a 100%, but the core feels largely unchanged. The difference is my direction, my choices and attitude about life, fitness and my decisions.

That’s why I thought I would share 10 things that I learned from Fat Josh over the years. Because, he’s taught me a NUMBER of things, whether it was in the moment or in retrospect five years later.

Here are the Top Ten lessons I’ve learned from Fat Josh

10) Sweating while not working is apparently not … normal?!


9) Arby’s Five for $5 meals are meant to be shared.


8) You should NEVER lick the brownie beaters before they come to a complete stop.


7) Never nestle a small child into your bosom, it will give them the false hope that they are about to be fed.


6) Don’t fall asleep with M&M’s in your pocket. Actually just don’t put any unwrapped food in your pocket.


5) Butter is an ingredient … not a meal.


4) Putting ice cream in your bowl of cereal to make the milk colder does not constitute a complete breakfast. More like a complete diet disaster.


3) Buffets are NEVER a viable options to quench one’s hunger no matter what your hunger level may be. 


2) There’s no hiding a double chin no matter the angle of the camera. Ever.


1) Never look back at that moment in your life and regret ANYTHING. The path that brought you here was designed to happen the way it was (but you can always laugh about it now and again).


BONUS: Never post a picture of you eating Spaghetti shirtless on the internet, unless you’re ready for it to become a meme.



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