Two more weeks of Daylight Standard Time! Can we … LEAP .. ahead already?


Happy Leap Day! Is that an actual thing? I know four years ago it was billed as an ‘One More Disney Day’ with the parks being open 24 hours. I won’t lie — I’d rather be celebrating Leap Day that way instead of a typical Monday.

But, it is what it is, right?

I shouldn’t be complaining though — I am excited about the change of the calendar. Spring is coming and it’s literally in the air! It was just a short few weeks ago when the snow was falling and the air was dirtier than a cesspool.

But, after running outside for the first time in 2016 (besides my two 5Ks) — I was on cloud nine. I am just so ready for the warmer weather. It’s also getting to the point where I might start running outside in the morning now that there’s much fear of snow or ice to fall on.

That’s been one of my biggest fears. I just don’t run on snow or ice, especially in the dark.

This past weekend’s run outside was perfect. It was tough — that’s partially what you get for running in Bountiful … it’s all HILLS — but, totally worth it. I am following my Galloway Method training — I did five miles, which will be followed up by six this weekend.

I won’t lie though — if the weather is just as good as it was this past weekend — I might run a bit longer. I really want to run my Bountiful Temple route along Bountiful Blvd. — it’s about a 8-9 mile route. It’s both challenging with hills and beautiful with the views of the city and Great Salt Lake.

But, we’ll see.

I think I am just getting ahead of myself — both bouts of excitement and eagerness.

But, I am probably more excited about Daylight Savings Time starting in a couple of weeks — that extra hour of daylight saves me. Not just with an extra hour of running outside, but it helps my mood tremendously! It’s quite the opposite effect when we lose the hour.

Anyways — 13 MORE DAYS!!!

I am excited for this week — I’ve got a couple of runs and workouts planned that will hopefully result in some changes with my weight. It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks not seeing much progress. But, consistency is the key, right?

I am focusing on balance, but ramping up the lifting and running. I am hopeful that will help. Not to mention staying true to my diet — which is basically cutting out a lot of additional sugar and watching the carbs. Fairly simple.

Anyways — lots of things to be excited about — and a lot of things to buckle down too. Should be a fun and productive week.



I am still on my quest to find the best nachos in Utah … and this past weekend I tried out the nachos at Penny Ann’s Cafe alongside Cousin Em. They didn’t disappoint. 

Were they the best nachos in Utah? No. But, you’d definitely find me back in front of them again in the future. I fell in love with the pork chile verde and silky runniness of the sunny side up egg over my nacho chips.

… mmmmmmmmm …

Anyways, before giving away my whole review, here is my write of the Breakfast Nachos from Penny Ann’s Cafe. Enjoy!


My new protein powder came in the mail today … the new flavor better not disappoint! #bananalover #proteinshakesfordays

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The proper greeting whenever you meet a new baby family member for the first time. #lionkingmoment

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31.85 miles


22.4 miles


231.75 miles


286.0 miles




If you haven’t caught the latest editions of Are We Prepared, Yet? and Runcast USA make sure to catch them here. They are two of my favorite episodes. There will be a new Runcast coming out this Friday so make sure to come back on Friday. We’ll be talking about winter running … just in time for … spring!

Anyways … give the podcasts a listen —





Since the Runcast USA interviewed Blu Robinson and Addict II Athlete (AIIA) last month I’ve been working with Blu and his wife, Marissa, on launching their own podcast that will be hosted on Pod Bash.

I am really excited about this podcast for a number of reasons — one, I love narratives. I absolutely love hearing people’s stories and, two, the AIIA message fits so well with the podcast medium. It’s perfect.

AIIA’s tagline is “turn your mess into a message” and that’s perfect for a podcast. It works so well. I am getting excited for the podcast to launch. I am not sure when it will launch, but it should be sometime within the next couple of weeks.

So stay tuned into Pod Bash — it will post there and iTunes! And, of course, I’ll keep you all in the loop!

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