Wednesday’s Daily Shorts

  • First off — Happy National Running Day! I’ve also seen it posted as Global Running Day. I don’t know which one is the right title. But, I’m keeping it close to home and calling it National Running Day. Anyways — hope you spend it RUNNING!
  • I hate the internet some days — okay, most days. But, I’m so sick of reading people’s armchair expertise rants about the gorilla incident at the Cincinnati Zoo. It’s truly a sad outcome to have shot such a beautiful and endangered animal and I’m sure the mother and child are just as traumatized and sad about the incident.
    But, seriously, people need to stop being experts on social media. Everyone is condemning the zoo, is condemning the parents, condemning the mother, condemning whoever gets the ire of their outrage at the moment. Stop. We don’t have the full details yet. You’re not an expert and more than likely … you weren’t there.
    So just stop.
  • This is a good opinion piece from a zookeeper about the situation. But, I’m leaving it at that — I’m done.
  • Ugh, it seems the parents have been identified — and of course because they’re black — out comes the racist trolls. This is a sad world. I really need to stop reading comment forms.
  • And, of course the week all of this gorilla business happens — there would be another Yellowstone incident. People need to remember Yellowstone is not a zoo. Or Disneyland for that matter.
  • This sucks for the Minneapolis Marathon runners — that totally sucks. Permits are a HUGE thing with any race. I hope they get a course set, I’d hate for them to cancel the race ….. and it looks like it was cancelled. Booooo.
  • I wonder what would have happened if he failed doing the Heimlich properly?
  • I laughed when I came across this article about Ugly Naked Guy on Friends — because I got to the episode recently where Ross moves into his apartment. Hilarious.
  • I’m first and foremost a Jazz fan — always will, always have. But, I’m a general fan of basketball — especially good basketball. That’s why the Warriors have been so fun to watch this past year. But, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see them beat the Thunder. Not, just because I want to see them catch history, but because I loathe the Thunder.
    Why? Well, because they are the former Sonics. I have a special place in my heart for Washington and the Seattle area and I was actually in Seattle the day the Sonics officially moved to Oklahoma City. I felt so bad, because that’s like if the Jazz moved elsewhere after 40+ years.
    Anyways — I loved this piece about the Thunder’s loss on Monday.
  • Wow. What an amazing kid. And, what a heartwarming story. It definitely will give you the feels.
  • Yuuuuuup — I’ve experienced many of these weird reactions from running. The most annoying to me is the runny nose and cough. I get that quite a bit.
  • Mary Poppins Returns? Oh man — I’m excited! But, why do we have to wait until Christmas 2018?! I have no patience.
  • Interesting allegations about the Biggest Loser. Not sure what to think other than — I’ll hold my full opinion until the whole truth is out. But, it wouldn’t surprise me — knowing a little about TV production, everything isn’t what it seems and they push the boundaries.
  • This is good for a laugh. Trust me.
  • This is pretty magical — if you like inspirational running stories — READ THIS (sorry for the clickbait vagueness, but you really need to read the story).
  • Oh boy. HAHAHA. I might have to take a visit to Sugar Land, Texas one day … too funny.
  • Nike and Pre — good read.
  • Nope. Nope. Nope.
  • Major props to this kid for putting on a Memorial Day Parade for this WWII Veteran. Puts a permanent smile on my face. I love that generation.

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