Wednesday’s Shorts

  • This is an interesting question — what is considered being TOO young for a half marathoner? I’ve seen plenty of kids running with their parents in both the half and full marathon. When I ran Utah Valley a couple years ago — I got passed by a 9 year old. Not one of my proudest running moments.
    But, my take is — if they are the ones pushing to do it, let them do it. As a parent I wouldn’t want to force my kid to do something they didn’t want to do. That was the philosophy my parents had with me — and worked just fine for me.
  • The Disneynerd in me LOOOOOOOOVES this little diddy from Mental Floss. I love nothing more than a little Disney history, especially history that harkens back to the Walt era.
  • Looks like the new Utah Jazz logos have leaked over the Twittersphere! I won’t lie — it’s pretty anticlimactic. But, hey, the mountain logo is finally gone — so there’s that.
  • I don’t know how I feel about all of these salads — but, I won’t lie — that cheese slaw looks amazing. Well, anything with cheese looks amazing, right? Other than that — Snickers salad, frog eye and Dandelion are ones I’ve had and somewhat regularly eat to this day.
    Though — I haven’t had frog eye salad since my aunt passed away a few years ago. It simply can’t be replicated. Just like her pies.
  • Props to this canuck — eight years of selfies. Talk about a fun way to journal.
  • Need to poop before your long run or race? Try eating some of these foods. I have to wonder what would happen if you made a smoothie with raspberries, kefir, kale, oranges and prunes? Maybe I wouldn’t want to find out?
  • Being wedding season — this ungrateful couple irks me. A $100 gift isn’t enough? You’re lucky to get an iTunes giftcard from me as a gift. Well, okay, I’m not that bad — but you better believe I’m going to be getting you a toaster (or two).
  • This guy claims his Tesla turned on by itself and crashed into a trailer. I’m not here to debate whether or not that happened — I’m here to point out that the drive was quoted as saying … “I think it behooves them to figure out what happened, what happened with the vehicle, address it.”
    Seriously, who says behooves in real life?
  • I like these alternate core exercises — I don’t mind crunches, but — I won’t lie — I’d rather be doing some other exercise than crunches. Hey, at least they’re not burpees, right?
  • This couldn’t come at a better time — my sister and brother-in-law have have fertility problems since getting married nearly four years ago. It’s not easy for them and the rest of the family — we want them to be parents more than anything. That is why I started a YouCare campaign for them this past week. The goal is to raise $27,000 for a IVF procedure. We’re going to have a few yard sales and some other fundraisers this summer, so stay tuned. Please give what you can.
  • I have good handwriting, but my goodness — these are amazing! I’m somewhat jealous.
  • So apparently today is National Foam Roller Day?! Really, is there a holiday for everything? I foam roll — so I probably should celebrate??? Either way — Happy National Foam Roller Day!
  • This is a nice list — but, I’d rather have a banana.
  • Proof that we Americans aren’t good at math — but, hey, it probably saved us from getting fatter, right?
  • This is a good place to stop — if this doesn’t give you the feels — then nothing will.


This upcoming Tuesday (5/17 at 7:00pm) there is a special premiere of The Abolitionists at the Megaplex 17 Theatres at Jordan Commons here in the Salt Lake area. This is in conjunction with Runners Against Child Exploitation (RACE) — not only does the event include movie tickets, but a virtual race bib, swag bag and dog tag medal.

If you haven’t seen the movie before — it’s a must. There are currently over 27 million people trapped in modern slavery — two million of those are children. And, often those children are trapped in sex trafficking rings. There are more slaves now than at any point in history. A sickening reality.

Slavery didn’t end with Lincoln — far from it. Institutionalized slavery might be a thing of the past — but, slavery is doing quite well for itself. That’s why it has to be stopped. This documentary focuses on Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad and their efforts to not just rescue children from sex trafficking, but to stop this horrific practice.

Tickets are $20 and come with your movie ticket, race bib, bag and medal. And, because you’re reading my blog — if you use the code ‘RACE2ERASE’ at checkout you’re going to get $5 off. Tickets aren’t available through Megaplex — you have to buy them here >>> We rented out the theater so ticketing is in our hands and not Megaplex.

Please share this with others. Bring your families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and those who want to hear this important message.


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