Welcome to Running180!

Finishing the St. George Marathon in October 2012.

The wait is over! Welcome to Running180. If you haven’t guessed yet, yes, this is my new blog. After spending the past 3-4 years with Blogger/Blogspot I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to move onto bigger and brighter things. I am now hosted by Bluehost.com and simply am looking to expand my blogging presence. I want/need to share my story on a bigger stage.

So why Running180? Why not keep Running Towards Home or Phat Josh? I know that I have changed blog names a lot in the past. But, I felt that Running180 represented my story really well. I’ve lost 180lbs. since beginning my weight-loss journey, have a goal to run 180 full or half marathons before turning 40 and running was that catalyst that helped me make the needed 180 degree turn in my life. Running180 just made sense. Plus, it’s easy to remember and I came up with some cool logos for it (because that’s the most important part, right?).

What should you expect on Running180? Much of the same that you saw on RTH but with a little bit more of the day to day activities. I’ll share my stories and tips about my weight-loss and running journeys. I will still have my traditional Friday posts. But, in addition I’ll also have a few more evening posts about my workouts, meals and … well … just life. It should be fun.

I’m still figuring out a few things here and there, but that should be the format for the most part. I would eventually also like to do some give-a-ways to readers (because who doesn’t like free running things?) and really just cultivate and encourage a positive and uplifting community here and on the blog’s accompanying Facebook page.

But, I really want to have some fun. I want to laugh, inspire and celebrate while I’ll share a small bit of my story from going to fat to runner. I feel like it will be worth your time and hopefully we can all become better people because of it. Who knows?

Welcome aboard. Be patience as I may still be working out kinks, formats and the like. But, don’t be shy please say hi!



  1. Happy New Year ! Congratulations on launching the new site. “Running 180” seems to be a cleaner, more streamlined evolution of the early Phat Josh blogging era. Are you planning to include the “Blogs I Stalk” feature?

    J Mark Knowles
  2. Happy New Year to you too!

    Yes, I will be adding the blogs I stalk. I am still new to the whole WordPress format so I am looking for a widget that I like. But, I should be setting that up sooner than later. Hopefully.


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