Welcome to the NEW (and hopefully improved) PhatJosh.com!


Well, okay — so my blog has really been PhatJosh.com now for a couple of weeks. But, consider this the official introduction … m’kay? If you’ve been following me since 2010 this URL will look familiar. Back in 2014 when I switched my blog host from Blogger to Bluehost I bought the Running180 domain. But, I decided the past couple of months to switch back — I’ve always loved the PhatJosh URL and it fits me just fine.

I won’t go into many details — I pretty much covered it all here.

But, with these changes I decided to shake things up a bit with my blog. The biggest omission is probably Fartlek Friday. I’ve done them, pretty much, every Friday since I started Running180. But, I decided to focus my Friday posts on my weight-loss and fitness goals and accountability.

So farewell my dear Fartlek friend.

I will however continue to do my race reports every Monday following my races — but, since I am down sizing my running in 2016 I won’t have a race report each Monday. On Mondays I will be focusing on reporting my weekly mileage, weekend fun and what not — I am calling these posts — Monday Matters.

But, the biggest thing I am focusing on is blogging pretty much every day. Yes, daily. I haven’t done this — pretty much ever. But, I am excited about doing it. I am not going to have long drawn out posts every day, some days it will be a quote, an Instagram post or even a vlog post.

That is one thing I want to do more of in 2016 — some vlogging. I’m not quite ready for that — but I plan on doing it eventually.

The typical week should look something like this …

MONDAY – Monday Matters & Race Report — past week’s mileage and race report.
TUESDAY – Phat Tuesday — Stories and practical ways of how I changed my mentality and habits from Fat to Phat.
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wednesday  — It pretty much explains itself, right?
THURSDAY – Thursday’s Muses — Stories, posts, thoughts and muses about running — mine and in general.
FRIDAY – Fitness Friday — Report of my fitness numbers & weight loss progress.
SATURDAY – InstaSaturday — Instagram posts of that day’s race or long run.

In addition to these posts each post will include either some kind of social media share from my accounts, an inspirational quote or meme and a daily ‘Shorts’ post about either something dealing with running, my personal life or just simply something that caught my attention. Kind of like a shorter version of my Friday Fartleks on my Friday posts.

I like the new format of the blog, it should be a lot of fun. Not only will it help keep me accountable, but it’ll hopefully be a bit more entertaining for you the reader. And, as always I welcome feedback — either shoot me a line or leave a comment below.

Welcome to the new PhatJosh.com!


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