When the lights go out …


I like days like today. They’re out of the blue and just … fun! So, just take advantage of them.

This morning when I got to work our power was out. All of it. The University was doing some general maintenance on a transfuser in our two buildings and what was SUPPOSE to be a 10 minute power outage turned out to be a broken transfuser and an all day power outage.

So without power in our buildings, including heat, computer usage or Wifi our boss just closed the office and sent us home. With a whole day of NOTHING planned in front of me, I got excited with the possibilities. Since the weather was a beautiful 50 degrees today I KNEW I that running was going to be on the agenda.

But, other than that … FREE DAY!


When I got home my sister was there with her foster kids. This actually was a bit bittersweet to me, because they will be going back to their mother on Friday morning … soooooo … this was my goodbye to them. These two kids have really attached to me. And, it’s been awesome watching my sister and brother-in-law parenting them and helping the oldest one through the difficulties of foster care.

But, the goal of foster care is to get the kids back with their families and their mother has done everything to earn that privilege back. Which I am extremely happy about. But, then there is the foster uncle in me that doesn’t want to let them go. But, that’s just all selfishness on my part. I have just grown to love them as my own nieces … which they will always be to me. I just pray their mom keeps on track and gives these two ALL the love they deserve.


Before going out for my run Callie wanted to workout with me, so I took her downstairs and told her she could do my Hip Hop Abs workout with me. It was cute. I wish I could say she was into the workout for the whole time, but she actually got bored about 2 minutes into the workout and ended up doing summersaults while I did my workout. It was cute. I regret not taking video of it.


After my Hip Hop Abs workout and saying goodbye to my nieces I went out for my run. I just did my normal three mile Bountiful run. Meaning … lots of hills and gorgeous views of the sunset. I would have stopped to take more pictures of the run and the sunset … but I actually wanted to push it.

And, the run wasn’t that bad. I had a negative split by about three miles. Which basically means I finally got warmed up during my run. I am not a very good short distance runner, I am a Clydesdale in nature and in it for the long run. Which is fine in my eyes. Plus, the speed work helps in the long runs.

Totally happy with my run!


For an unexpected day off I feel great about the day I had. Great workout, great run and great time spent with family.

Now, here’s to hoping the transfuser is still shot tomorrow!


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