Why does Santa Claus have to be fat?

FatSanta_BannerSure, I am not launching my blog until next week, but I had to share my frustration about something that would be fairly irrelevant come next week. And, that’s the cause of Santa Claus. Why does he have to be fat?

You look back to early drawings and photos of St. Nicholas and he’s nowhere near the size the we’ve grown accustom to the past half century or so. Even in film there are some depictions of him fairly slim and fit. Take Kris Kringle from the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street, he was a slim, fit Santa. No six pack or bulging muscles for sure, but definitely not obese and borderline diabetic (I’d like to think of him as someone who ate his whole grain cereal every morning, walked everywhere and trained boxers in his spare time, just my opinion).

So what gives? What changed?

I know from just Googling a bit here and there that our depiction of Santa really comes more from the Coke ad Santa Claus. He’s more seen as round and robust (probably from drinking all that Coke) than really any other version I’ve seen and it’s just been adopted as the de facto Santa Claus. Not to mention Santa has gone from delivering apples, oranges, sugar plums and the occasional chocolate bar to caramel apples, chocolate oranges, candy galore and sugar comas.

So why can’t we put Santa on a diet? Why can’t be start delivering more fruit and less sugar? It doesn’t ruin his reputation or persona. If I’ve learned anything from my own weight-loss journey it’s that the weight doesn’t define you. Your actions do. Santa will remain to be Santa as he unselfishly delivers presents to good little boys and girls. And a skinner Santa would only allow him to do more of that and with more energy.

I don’t want to sound too much like an angry elf. In fact, I love Christmas. I love Santa. I love the season. That’s why I wish you and your family a fun and HEALTHY holiday season. Merry Christmas! So tonight as we write our letters and layout a snack plate for Santa why not skip the cookies and eggnog and put out an extra carrot stick and an apple or two?

You know it’s not just reindeer food?


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