Wishing you and yours all a very Merry Christmas

I am going to keep my message simple, because I don’t think anything I add can make or break your Christmas. But, I want to sincerely wish you and yours a happy, healthy and memorable Christmas.

I am grateful for many things in my life — but it’s the people in it that have made all the difference. Ever since I started sharing my weight-loss and running journey through my blog — some five years ago — I could have never imagined my life today.

The people I have met, ran with and befriended have enriched my life immensely. I have been able to not just befriend once strangers, but to experience life with many — joys and sorrows.

As a gift to you all, I share my favorite scene from my favorite Christmas show — Mr. Kruger’s Christmas (starring Jimmy. If there is any movie that intimately portrays what Christmas means to me — this movie does — specifically this scene.

So please have a safe and very Merry Christmas — make memories, make amends and let the love of the Savior bless not just your season, but your lives.

Bless you all. And, thank you for being a friend (sorry I just couldn’t resist).



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