Working towards a goal …


Training wise this summer has been a bit frustrating for me when it comes to speed work for the half marathon. I just haven’t been as fast as I want to be. I contribute this to a couple of things … there’s the whole marathon running. That kills my half marathon training like nothing else, mainly because it takes SO much out of me.

In addition, I’ve been dealing with a few health issues. My low thyroid, testosterone and slight diabetes scare has made my weight, energy levels and drive to fluctuate. Not a fun way to stay motivated when you’re spot on your diet and you jump 15-20lbs. without much effort.

But, now that I finally feel balanced I am continuing to work on the goal. I have recommitted myself to be exact on my workout routine and diet. I’m not counting calories, but I am going by grams and need. Namely, more protein and less carbs on non-running days and a tad more carbs on running days. I guess in a way it’s carb cycling?

I just hate calling food routines diets. Dieting has such a negative connotation attached to it. Plus, in my opinion, has an end. It’s not something usually meant to maintain throughout one’s life. Except of course if you are a serial dieter, but that’s a whole different story for another day.

I am also upping my weekly mileage as well. Not much, but I’m being more deliberate with it. I am running 3-4 times a week, but at lower mileage of my marathon training. I am running one five miler, one three miler and then speedwork which should be about 2-3 more miles.

Then of course there are my long runs.

Since my focus for all of this work is to sub-two at Nebo I have the next six weekends all planned out. They are as follows …

  1. August 2 – Emigration to Liberty Park + 5K; 10-12 miles (fast pace)
  2. August 9 – Provo River Trail Half Marathon; 13.1 miles (fast pace)
  3. August 16 – Monte Cristo Training Run; 15-20 miles (slow)
  4. August 23 – Run Elevated Half Marathon; 13.1 miles (PR pace)
  5. August 30 – Porter’s Half Marathon; 13.1 miles (slow)
  6. September 6 – NEBOOOOOOO!!!!

I know that I am running (literally) out of time to get my sub-two goal this year. In fact, I am somewhat skeptical that I can right now. BUT … I am going to train, eat and mentally prepare myself like I am going to get that goal.

Plus, the body is an amazing thing and has surprised me on numerous occasions. Even now as I have gotten my health under control with my thyroid and testosterone it AMAZES me out quickly the body recovers and responds. Our bodies are amazing. Especially when we get exactly what it needs into our systems.

And, the way I look at it. If I work hard from here until September and I DON’T reach that goal. I am in a GREAT position to try again in October when I have a couple great downhill races. I am going to reach this goal one way or another.

It’s all done in the preparation.


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