You don’t run while you hike? I don’t get it?


So yesterday, I went hiking for the first since … well … probably the Reagan Administration? Like, seriously, the last time I went hiking when I was a Cub Scout and I almost died from heatstroke. Okay, it was probably just a mild case of heat exhaustion, but still … for a fat kid that’s an ordeal that not even the Pioneers would understand.


But, a group of my running friends decided to go on a hike up Big Cottonwood to Lake Mary yesterday and I relented, especially since I was promised ice cream at the end. Ice cream has gotten me a lot of places in life … school, church, scouts, college and even hiking (just to name a few).

This picture needs a frame around it.

I am not a big hiker for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s outside. Secondly, there are wild animals outside. I might have a irrational fear of deer, but I also have a rational fear of bears, cougars and rattlesnakes. So, I just haven’t wondered anywhere past the parking lot restroom in a National Forest for those reasons.

But, yeah, I got convinced by Becky and Christy that I should go. So, I did.

Yeah, God made that.

The hike really wasn’t that bad. Relatively bad. For one, I was grossly unprepared. I am always unprepared, let’s be honest here. How I became an Eagle Scout is beyond me! (okay, my Mom earned it). I didn’t bring a jacket so I ended up wearing a teenage girl packet with pink and purple skulls all over it.

Needless to say, it was fetch.

#&%$ SNOW!!!

The hike up wasn’t that bad. I won’t lie, because I was half tempted to run. But, when the terrain is basically going straight up that ambitious temptation kind of dies. So I just hiked and it wasn’t that bad. Like, really. But, then again I am no longer a fat little kid that wants to stay home and play his Game Boy either.

My only real compliment was that there was snow on the mountain. It really shouldn’t be a surprise to you how much I HATE SNOW. But, it was melting so I couldn’t be that mad at it. It was dying a slow painful death … so … I was satisfied.

This happens more often than it probably should.

Once we got up to Lake Mary we got to enjoy not just the beautiful lake (well, really it’s a resoverior) but the canyon as well. It was really gorgeous and almost immediately I started regretting my lack of enjoying nature like this. It really was a great experience for me as it kind of felt like another piece of Fat Josh melted away.

After hiking down the mountain and on our way down the canyon we also got to experience this AWESOME … well okay … BEYOND AWESOME sunset. Yet another reason why I love Utah. Just go ahead and revel in it.


But, I couldn’t leave you with JUST pictures. I also captured a few videos of my adventures in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

For your general amusement …



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